Consolidation works and functional improvement of the Trapezio west quay wall and of the head of the Manfredi quay wall

The consolidation works of the East Trapezio quay wall and of the header of the Manfredi quay wall have been not only the first step for the requalification of the Port but also a mandatory job for the functionality of the New Marine Terminal designed by the Archistar Zaha Hadid. During the execution of the works which consisted on one side in the consolidation of the two quays by the realization of a steel combined wall and on the other the functional enhancing with the new road and services, has been necessary the realization of a real time monitoring system to control the effect of the vibration produced by the works on the structure. One of our engineers has been the site manager at the beginning of the job and than the job manager.

Services: Structural design
State: Completed
Location: Salerno, Italy