Ambassadors Unconventional Cinema

Located in one of the principal streets of the Napolitan by night, Cinema Ambasciatori is an old fashion outlet, established in 1969 in a building built in the late 800, representing a piece of history of the Cinema in Naples way older than the multiplex, of which it has been a victim. Rethought as a modern event container, still giving the possibility to project movies and documentaries, the new structure allows as well to have dinner shows and dancing night as well as theatre shows. RE-New scope of work in this project was to design, to monitor the fabrication and also the installation of the of some architectural features. This steel structures, made by steel pipes, have mainly architectural proposes and represent some stylized palms which supporting some cables to which are fixed the optical fibre that use as a illumination.

Services: Structural design
State: Completed
Place: Naples, Italy